The Knitmaster 360 has landed.

I love it, I love it, I will change my life to be with it more.

2015-01-10 20.27.10

I have, in short bought a second hand Knitmaster 360. Rather than take a chance on an ebay bargain I went to the Heathercraft Knitting Machine Shop – where I met a very knowledgeable gentleman who did not try to give me the hard sell but instead he provided with great advice and a pleasant feeling that this was something I might be able to do (I am not being sponsored I promise, but when you come cross true expertise it should be applauded).

2015-01-10 20.27.28

I spent last night casting on decreasing, increasing, changing colours and casting off. I achieved much more than I had hoped to in the first day, and I really enjoyed it.

2015-01-10 20.31.48

I put my success down to watching a lot of YouTube videos before purchase, I put my failures, decreasing over multiple stitches in particular, down to getting overexcited and not reading the instructions carefully.

Today I worked through a punchcard three times and got a beautiful pattern from it.2015-01-11 20.08.59

I have a new obsession.  You must excuse me I have to go now as I am eating into my knitting time.

The Knitmaster 360 has landed.

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