Planning for Spring.


‘Spring is here, spring is here, life is skittles and life is beer’ Tom Lehrer

I took this photo of nearly open Daffodils in my back garden. They were waiting underneath the ground when we moved in. I am happy to see them they are a lovely treat. Spring is here,  the nights are getting shorter, the days are getting warmer,  what better time to set up a knitware company? Hmm maybe not. But If this last year has taught me nothing, it’s taught me not to wait, to get cracking and get on with things otherwise you might end up having to do everything  at once (get engaged, get married, have a baby, move house,  learn to drive all within a year – although im still working on the latter to be honest).
So I am building up my stock. I am going through a houndstooth pattern phase at the moment. So I’ve been making these.


They are houndstooth neck warmers / cowls in merino wool. Will they sell, who can tell? I had fun making them, and learnt a lot about the machine, so nothing ventured nothing gained.

Planning for Spring.

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