Learning New Skills

Yesterday I got a good chunk of time with my knitting machine – Knitmaster 360 (thank you Mum for looking after my tiny dictator for a while). It was going to be all about trying out the lace carriage.

I admit it I bought a lace carriage from eBay, gasp! I bought it a few weeks ago but I just wanted to get my general skills up to spec before I give it a try. Yesterday I felt like I might like to try it out.Stockinette proved a doddle. I resolutely went through the instruction book. I decreased by one stitch then by several stitches, I increased by one stitch then by several stitches. So far so much the same as the main carriage.Then feeling excited and confident I loaded the punchcard suggested and then crunch, Crunch, and again CRUNCH. 2015-03-04 11.17.04

I think the eBay purchase need work. I am going to take it apart,  clean it, and pop it back in the box until I’m feeling brave again.

On the downside I have not increased my lace knitting skills one whit, on the upside I now know how to remove a sponge bar, change a needle, and put the sponge bar back again. This last stage gave me the most stress. As you put the bar back in you have to hold down the needles or the bar will go back under the needles and they will all fall out when you try and use them. I spent a good ten minutes hyperventilating thinking I’d broken my lovely machine, until I found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-oavqTjyAo  .

In the afternoon I knitted some fairsle panels to prove I can produce something. photos of those next time. In the meantime I have been sewing up some of ,y hand knits and I have managed to finish this little teddy. He’s off to the newest of the Smith clan tomorrow.Safe travels Ted

2015-03-02 22.01.19

Learning New Skills

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