Post Eighteen In Which I Consider the Meaning of the Word Gratitude

I am taking up Aplayfulday’s challenge to ‘Love Your Blog’.

A Playful Day

This weeks subject is ‘Gratiude.’

Like many challenges this can seem much more simple than it actually is. So I started where I always start thing that deserves a bit of thought, I went to my bookcase. Some words are easy to use but more difficult to define. It’s a bit like standing at the bottom of a hill and looking up,you know the hill’s there but you see can the shape of it better when it is at a distance, on the horizon. So I pulled down my dictionary for the long view.

I found that Gratitude can mean thankfulness, appreciation of kindness and that the latin word gratus which is also the root of the word grace.

Thankfulness –  I think one of the things I am most thankful for is that I have found knitting. I took it up as a way of passing time while waiting for events to unfold over which I had no control, so it has seen me through waiting for degree results, two house moves and one pregnancy. Not only have I passed time I have created beautiful things (and a good few rather ropey things too). It has taught me patience and has allowed me access to the world of knitters on the web, a great, diverse, and universally kind bunch.

Appreciation of kindness – I have been putting pictures on my Instagram feed of some cushion covers I am trying to work up into items for my etsy shop. I have had so many kind comments about them that it is giving me a real boost in confidence, I have no idea how I could have got this kind of feedback before the internet opened these doors for me but I really do appreciate every like. I see each one as a kindness and I am very grateful for them

Grace – OK so this one is shoehorned in a bit but the word grace makes me think of the things I am most grateful for in this world. It is my daughter’s middle name which helps me to remember just how lucky I am to have her, to have a family and to live in a time and place that allows me to provide them with what they need. I may not always be so lucky and with that in mind I will be donating to the DEC Nepal Appeal to help those in Nepal who are suffering at the moment.

What an interesting mental journey the word Gratitude has taken me, thank you for the challenge APlayfulDay

Post Eighteen In Which I Consider the Meaning of the Word Gratitude

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