Post Twenty in Which I Celebrate Some Small Successes and One Big One


I have had a cushion pattern in mind for a little while and here it is. I do love knitting but I have no confidence  in  my sewing up skills. This is not a problem for the snoods. I have learnt one reliable stitch for them and I am sticking to it. The sewing up is an issue for the cushions  though.  I like a nice plump cushion. One which rustles with the sound of feathers when plumped and a nice plump cushion puts alot of strain on the seams, there is nowhere to hide for my sewing up. Which is why, when I heard how much my husband was going to have to spend on a car that we had had less than  a week I spend a bit (but alot less in comparison ) to get a linker.
A linker is an interesting beast. It mainly sews up seams and just on knitted fabric.  I had tried to sew up using a borrowed sewing machine and walking foot but it was just too many more skills to learn and to get it looking good. So I trawled eBay and bought a second hand linker.

This thing has the potential to be vicious, it has a row of steel teeth which I am keeping covered with bubble wrap until I get around to getting a cover.
So I was ready for this quick and efficient alternative to my lousy and long winded sewing up. I put my cushion cover on to the teeth, threaded up the machine and then turned the handle. I won’t say nothing happened because the needle did go through the fabric  but the looper was all wrong. Off to the internet and there’s a few bits of info, but not as much as I’m used to finding for knitting machines. I learned I had to adjust the looper, after two evenings of scratching my head and eyeing up the bolts underneath the linker I finally spot a small dark hole on the arm of the looper which would take an alan key. Looper adjusted I set the machine up again and it worked! This felt like a big victory.
On reflection I think it is more of a small victory, one which might fade over time. I say this because this week my Nan has turned 100 and this is a big victory! She survived two world wars,  She lost her husband shortly before having her second child, she worked hard at repairing carpets, and was so proud of having worked on the stair carpets of Buck House. She was also oddly proud of being able to wring out a cloth until it was nearly bone dry and she eyed kitchen roll with distaste as it made this skill redundant. It’s been a long time since Nan has really been with us in her mind but showing her the card from the Queen I thought she recognised just a little bit what it was (probably a bit of wishful thinking on my part but she definitely gave it a smile).
So this has been a week several small
victories (the cushion came out lovely) and one big one.

Knitting in an effort to avoid housework.

Post Twenty in Which I Celebrate Some Small Successes and One Big One

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