Post 21 Which is All About Holiday Knitting

There was a me before knitting.I can barely remember that person now but I know she must have existed, I have photos of her. This version of me loved planning for holidays by planning a list of books I’d like to think I might be able to read / carry around with me whilst I’m away. this was a habit I got from my Dad, my Mum takes great pleasure in planning clothes and outfits. On reflection I begin to wish I had a bit more of this skill as my holiday draws to a close and I am forced to dive into the laundry basket to find clothes which are less dirty / covered in yoghurt due to an overexcited dinner with my tiny dictator.

Now when planning the my holiday I plan my knitting. In some ways this is an improvement, knitting is significantly lighter than the pile of books I used to bring, but I tend to fall into the same  hole and believe I can get more knitting down than I physically could do in a week. Also the knitting is more spikey than the books and not quite is amiable to being squashed down into a suitcase.

My holiday knitting is

2015-05-07 19.55.01 (800x600)by Katie Davies Designs

The knit was a Christmas present from my brother, he’s great with presents and as he now lives in Scotland I think he found the Shetland link pleasing.

So here I am on holiday, sitting on the deck watching the sun going down, knitting my little heart out and just admitting to myself I am so not going to get this hat done while I’m away but then I remind myself that the reason I love knitting is for the way it teaches me to slow down, so I breathe, look around and accept my limitations – happiness follows.

2015-05-20 20.21.49 (800x450)

Post 21 Which is All About Holiday Knitting

2 thoughts on “Post 21 Which is All About Holiday Knitting

    1. I have that book. It’s one of those ones that I love flicking through but I anything I made from it would never look as good. You crocheters need a champion too. It won’t be long before one appears I’m sure.


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