Post 27: Socks

I have a project in mind. I am going to try and make all my family socks for Christmas.

When thinking about this I start to evaluate my family. How related am I to In-laws? Do I count my cousins but not my friends. All of a sudden I find myself being quite ruthless.

This is because I started one pair of sock in January and what with everything else I am up to, and the fact I am a slow knitter, I finished it the second one in at the end of February. At this rate I will only manage 6 pairs in the year, so I have to be quite harsh, Husband, Daughter, Mum, Dad, Sister, and possibly Brother. I say possibly brother because he has big feet, but my daughter is only little so if I have time for both of those, they should balance out.

Apart from my little girl and her tall uncle, everyone will be getting roughly the same sized because we all have fairly uniformly sized feet in our family, which is a bonus.

I am now on to my second pair, the first sock is at the ‘looks a bit like a weird sea monster’ stage. The yarn is ‘Man of steel’ by the very talented The Yarn Tree.

20160321_130707 20160321_130653

The pattern is the basic socks pattern from Knitty Gritty : The Next Steps. This is a great book along with its counter part I used it to teach me to knit, and going back to again I still find things I’d love to have a go at.