Why my husband’s irritating, a rant about moving, and finally some stuff about knitting.

I have decided that I am a very emotional buyer of wool and yarn. I want to wrap my family up in the lovely layer of cosiness, even my husband who refuses to wear anything more heavyweight than a t-shirt for 360 days of the year (a very irritating spouse for a knitter). This buying of yarn does not always translate into knitting of garments so I’m going cold sheep for a little while to try and use up some of my stash. This makes sense on another level because we’re moving house soon. Although it’s the slowest move in the history of the world (I exaggerate), and it feels like it’s going forward more in theory than reality (I over dramatise) , and I just want it all to be over one way or another (I over use parentheses). Not adding to the yarn stash at this point will make more sense then bringing more wool into the house.

I’ve been into my stash and pulled out two cakes of Mary by Find Me Knitting in green and white. I love the fact they are yarn cakes rather than skeins because I can just start knitting straight away without having to crack out the yarn winder myself.

The first pattern to make with this will be a baby surprise jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman, a magnificent bit of knitting origami. When you get to about half way through it takes a bit of faith at first but it really works.

In rummaging about to find this I tracked down a sock pattern that uses Aran weight wool too so all of this wool in my stash should find a pattern.

Why my husband’s irritating, a rant about moving, and finally some stuff about knitting.

How not to be a friend.

I have always blithely said to people I have met in my life ” I’m rubbish at keeping in touch.” I let people fall out of my life because they are not geographically close enough, or because we don’t have much in common ( let’s be honest here, they don’t knit or appreciate knitted things), or -and this one mainly- because I don’t think I’m cool enough to be thier friend. I still have that hang over from school of there being grades of cool and the tough thing is that no one tells you what grade you’ve made. In the real and grown up world friends are all ages sizes, levels of cool and if someone is happy to spend time with you then don’t write yourself out of thier life because you’re second guessing how they feel about you.

I have been a rubbish friend on every level and this week it has been brought home to me what that can really mean.

One of my mates from uni has passed away. When I knew him he was such a cool guy. We both loved archaeology and we would sit up for hours chatting over the interesting things we’d read recently, and how some new cool thing had been found under Rome, or in the Temple of Dendra, or wherever we wished we were digging that week.

Then life happened and he and his wonderful wife, also a great friend of mine, had children and grew up whilst I was still living in a garage and dreaming of adventures I’d never make happen because really I’m happy being an armchair archaeologist. I watched thier social media feeds fill up with the thousand joys and struggles that come with a family all of your own, and even though I had time I didn’t visit and rarely got in contact. Then I had a family and I didn’t have time but still I watched, I rejocyed with them in good times, and broke my heart for them when some news of the hard times they were having leached on to the squares in my Instagram feed. I metaphorically jumped with joy and felt not a little pang of jealousy when my mate got a job as an actual real life archaeologist after years of desk jobs and that’s as far as it went. I was busy, so busy, new baby, toddler, moving house, less time on my hands then I thought possible – is minus time an actual thing, am I actually so busy I’m also using up a bit of my life from the future, when I get there they’ll be a sign up saying ‘all used up in 2017-18 – and then I get a call. Very kindly his wife didn’t want me to find out on social media and I am beyond grateful that she thought to call me because I didn’t deserve it. He had gone. I hadn’t be there for either of them in the last few years other then sending useless messages through Instagram, stupid little heart emojis instead of, calling, writing, doing something human and now I wouldn’t get the chance again.

This then is my self indulgent justification of my own crappness, and my injunction to you if you’re like me and reading this, send a message get an address, write a real letter, make a real phone call, cause if you were friends, you are friends. Friends are more than pictures in a phone and they need to know that. Keep in touch cause one day you might get the chance for a big adventure and the one person you knew who would love hearing about it the most is no longer there.

I am not going to advertise this post. It is in no way about knitting so it won’t be of interest to anyone who made it here because of that. In some ways I don’t really want it to be read, but I do want it to be out there in the world. If you have read it thank you for your time, now (in the politest possible way) get away from your screen and go and do something human.

How not to be a friend.

Nordic knitting and stash busting.

I’ve been digging into the stash and looking through knitting books. I’m a sucker for knitting magazines. I love to see a pattern, buy the wool, and then get distracted by something else which I have to do first. I have now a pile of wool with no real purpose, slot of it bought for my little lad who has since grown out of the pattern sizes or the season is all wrong by now. I’ve decided to tackle the pile of purposeless wool. Also after Christmas I realised I hadn’t made anything for myself for an age.

I dug out Knit Nordic by Eline Oftedal and made a start.

Starting off

I enjoyed it so much there aren’t many photos from the fair isle knitting sections. The wool was drops extra fine merino left over from a project for my daughter. ( I knitted her a jumper that makes her look like Xuli from The Go Jetters. Because I was a bit unconfident in my own designing abilities I over ordered on the wool just in case.) It was enough for this hat.

In the bubbles

Normally when I get around to knitting for myself it is starting to warm up for spring. I’m actually pretty pleased that it’s been cold enough to wear it.

Sunshine and knitting, lovely day, rubbish picture.

At the moment we are really pushing to move house. There is a deadline to do with my daughter’s school application that is making me have nightmares by how close we’re cutting it. The stress of the paperwork, emails and phones calls (made while hiding from the kids so I can hear the person at the other end), are starting to get to me too. Knitting is helping so much. Making something and running my hands over it calm me in a way nothing else does. The move will be worth it. I will be within walking distance of a wool shop and near a library with a knit and stitch group. I am am really looking forward to it! Cross your fingers for us, and (if you’re anything like me) uncross them and get knitting!

Nordic knitting and stash busting.

Little check stitch, January week 2

Well I must admit I looked at the picture of this stitch and thought, I’m not going to enjoy this, it looks like a basket weave stitch which means a fair bit of back and forth with the yarn. I am not a massive fan of a rib stitch, especially 1*1 I tend to adapt any pattern to 2*2 at least. There’s a brilliant Elizabeth Zimmerman quote about knitting rib for as long as you can stand it and surprisingly that will be how long the ribbing should be. Of course I have looked for this quote and it can’t be found. I start to doubt myself, as happens when I’ve been searching for a citation for four days, and maybe in fact it was from a Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee (Yarn Harlot) book. If anyone know what I’m talking about please feel free to drop me a line in the comments.

This stitch however is not a chore. In fact it might be a bit of a new favourite of mine. You do swap between knit and purl every five stitches on one side, but

on the other you just do all knit or all purl depending where you are in the pattern.

So here’s the pattern,

Cast on a multiple of 10 stitches and 5 extra stitches.

Row 1: *k5, p5, rep to last 5 stitches, k5

Row 2: p

Repeat last two rows twice more then row 1 again.

Row 8: (note now the pattern moves to the even numbered rows) k5, *p5, k5 rep from* to end.

Row 9: k

Repeat last 2 rows twice more, then row 8 again.

I found this pattern in ‘The Knitting Book.’ by Patmore and Haffenden Dorling Kindersley 2011. Which I can really recommend as a starting book, with a useful stitch dictionary section at the back.

Little check stitch, January week 2

English Rib January Week 1

New Year’s resolution – to kick the blog up the bum and keep going with it once a week every week.

I am going to knit a little sample once a week of a knitting style, changing each month. January’s style is knit and purl and combining them to make interesting patterns. I plan to use this challenge to use up some of my considerable stash.


I am starting with a simple rib just for a bit of a change I am using a stitch called English Rib. On the second row of rib you knit through the back of the loop. To be honest I don’t think this made a very big difference and so I has to stick a bow on the right side so I could tell it apart from wrong side. it wasn’t too faffy for me though because for my first four months of knitting I knitted every stitch through the back of the loop, and only changed when Mum mentioned my stitches looked a bit different from usual!

Here is the pattern any way.

Cast on an equal number of stitches.

1st Row : Knit 1, purl 1

2nd Row : KBL1 (knit through back of the loop), Purl 1

Repeat these two rows to desired length.

I will also be working on big projects which use the style. however I am going to finish a scarf from the Curious Project by Sincerely Louise, after which I’ll cast on some gloves which will have a rib cuff.



Wrong Side
Right Side
Casting on
English Rib January Week 1