Nordic knitting and stash busting.

I’ve been digging into the stash and looking through knitting books. I’m a sucker for knitting magazines. I love to see a pattern, buy the wool, and then get distracted by something else which I have to do first. I have now a pile of wool with no real purpose, slot of it bought for my little lad who has since grown out of the pattern sizes or the season is all wrong by now. I’ve decided to tackle the pile of purposeless wool. Also after Christmas I realised I hadn’t made anything for myself for an age.

I dug out Knit Nordic by Eline Oftedal and made a start.

Starting off

I enjoyed it so much there aren’t many photos from the fair isle knitting sections. The wool was drops extra fine merino left over from a project for my daughter. ( I knitted her a jumper that makes her look like Xuli from The Go Jetters. Because I was a bit unconfident in my own designing abilities I over ordered on the wool just in case.) It was enough for this hat.

In the bubbles

Normally when I get around to knitting for myself it is starting to warm up for spring. I’m actually pretty pleased that it’s been cold enough to wear it.

Sunshine and knitting, lovely day, rubbish picture.

At the moment we are really pushing to move house. There is a deadline to do with my daughter’s school application that is making me have nightmares by how close we’re cutting it. The stress of the paperwork, emails and phones calls (made while hiding from the kids so I can hear the person at the other end), are starting to get to me too. Knitting is helping so much. Making something and running my hands over it calm me in a way nothing else does. The move will be worth it. I will be within walking distance of a wool shop and near a library with a knit and stitch group. I am am really looking forward to it! Cross your fingers for us, and (if you’re anything like me) uncross them and get knitting!

Nordic knitting and stash busting.

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