Jumper Knitting

I have had itchy needles for a while. I am ace at knitting scarves, toys, and kids jumpers (even if I do say so myself ) so I felt it was time to start something for me before the Christmas rush really kicked in. In common with Mme Ramotswe (of No1 Lady Detective Agency fame ) I can be described as traditionally built. I have knitted jumpers for myself but I have always taken the easy route and knitted them in a chunky yarn which is quick to knit up and therefore great at preventing me from getting bored halfway through, but they look universally awful on a tradional build.

So I started a proper (non chunky) pattern on 3mm needles. I felt sure this had long term WIP pile written all over it but I think I might actually finish it. It is a top down yoke pattern by Unicorn knit Designs it was featured in Knit Now in issue 92.

It’s a beautiful pattern isn’t it. Part of me can’t believe I’m spending the time and money making something just for me, but I am and I don’t care cause it feels so good – bwhahaha!!! (Attempts evil laugh but just ends up making herself cough a bit).

Ps has anyone else been watching Vanity Fair. Anthony Head as Lord Steyne is basically the same as his Gently Benevolent character – such a cad. And if anyone gets that reference I’ll be bloody impressed.

Jumper Knitting