I Cord Necklaces

I have had an idea in my head for awhile. I like knitted jewellery, especially made out of something simple like an I cord. But if you knit two together it just comes out a bit bulky for my tastes. I have made then using t shirt yarn, and my own I cord but they always make me feel like I’m wearing a mini scarf. It’s due to the weight of the yarn on the back of my neck. So I’ve been looking into combining knitting with jewellery so it’s just a light chain on the back of your neck. It’s meant learning some new skills and trying to buy different supplies, but I’m pleased with the results.

I managed to distract little one from go jetters for long enough to get a shaky snap of her wearing one of the prototypes. She seems to like it.

I Cord Necklaces

Beach Clean and New Direction

We did a beach clean over the weekend. It was heartening to find that the beach was nearly spotless. One of the other litter pickers quipped that someone else had been out and done it the day before. The mist came in and it looked spooky and beautiful.

I’ve also been working on the knitting machine. I’ve got a few new patterns in a Celtic knotwork style. I’m trying to decide what to turn them into, hats, mittens, scarves, snoods, cushion covers. It’s going to be fun to make and try to sell a few things again. It would feel good to fire up the business again.

Beach Clean and New Direction

Birthday Blues – not much knitting in this one, sorry.

It’s my birthday. I, like many other knitting mums I’m sure, approach days like today with a day dream about a lie in, a relaxing breakfast, and a pile of lovely presents, (all indie dyed sock yarns and the like). Instead I’ve had standard morning – tea from a pot though – bonus! Presents which the kids took off me and started playing with straight away. I dropped my daughter off at nursery ( minus ten mumming points for putting her in wellies, now they’ll have to find shoes for her from the ones they keep there – who knew? She runs around in wellies all day at home more than happy. Does anyone else feel like nursery drop off is actually some kind of game you keep getting wrong cause no one’s written down the rules?) Drop off done though. Little man still with me but I thought I’d treat myself to a cup of tea and a bit of cake, that’ll make the day more birthdaylike. This is something I’ve been dreaming of doing since we’ve moved cause there’s a cafe in my way back home, I’ve resisted till now cause I’m trying not to eat too much cake. So I wheel my placid and well balanced son into the cafe and order. Well you can guess what’s about to happen. He has a meltdown the like of which I haven’t seen. Tea and cake arrive and I look at at it sadly, take two sips and a bite and then prepare to make a run for it. Then my six year old self starts whispering in my ear, ‘its your birthday, your day, it should be all about you. Let him cry he might stop (this never happens). Eat your cake, drink your tea.’ which I do. It wasn’t a pleasant experience and I’m rather sorry I used up the calories on it. Other tables of customers nearby sat staring unapologetically at me wondering why I wasn’t doing something to stop it, one lady actually craning round the counter to get a better look – it’s a kid crying, kids cry, what’s to bloody see? The cafe owner kept trying to catch eye, not sure why, possibly to shot me a look of understanding solidarity, but I suspect not. I sat and stared at the menu, trying to channel some of that nonchalace that people have when they’re dogs pooing and theyre obviously not going to pick it up. I (accidentally) slammed the door on the way out and standing outside the cafe, little man stopped crying. He’s asleep now. I’ve never felt so jangled in my life and I think I need a day off from this mumming lark, just one, but to be honest organising the logistics of that make me feel exhausted even thinking about it.

Birthday Blues – not much knitting in this one, sorry.

That’s Shawl Folks.

I have never knitted a shawl before, but I picked up a magazine with a booklet all about shawls. I picked out the one using Aran weight wool and a simple pattern (knitter know thyself – small needles, thin wool, long projects are not for you). I knitted this lovely shawl from two caron cakes and even though it’s not been shawl weather I’ve enjoyed sitting with it over my knees in the evening.

That’s Shawl Folks.

English Rib January Week 1

New Year’s resolution – to kick the blog up the bum and keep going with it once a week every week.

I am going to knit a little sample once a week of a knitting style, changing each month. January’s style is knit and purl and combining them to make interesting patterns. I plan to use this challenge to use up some of my considerable stash.


I am starting with a simple rib just for a bit of a change I am using a stitch called English Rib. On the second row of rib you knit through the back of the loop. To be honest I don’t think this made a very big difference and so I has to stick a bow on the right side so I could tell it apart from wrong side. it wasn’t too faffy for me though because for my first four months of knitting I knitted every stitch through the back of the loop, and only changed when Mum mentioned my stitches looked a bit different from usual!

Here is the pattern any way.

Cast on an equal number of stitches.

1st Row : Knit 1, purl 1

2nd Row : KBL1 (knit through back of the loop), Purl 1

Repeat these two rows to desired length.

I will also be working on big projects which use the style. however I am going to finish a scarf from the Curious Project by Sincerely Louise, after which I’ll cast on some gloves which will have a rib cuff.



Wrong Side
Right Side
Casting on
English Rib January Week 1

Friday Update

Work in progress: Hitchhiker shawl in Drops fabel in white and blue lagoon.
This is such a great pattern it grows in such a clever way. It is almost entirely in garter stitch which means I’ve been able to read and knit which is a total bonus. I would definitely recommend it. 

Here’s a link to the pattern
Reading: just finished ‘A Very English Affair.’ By John Preston.

This is all about the Jeremy Thorpe scandal in the 1970s which has been a great thing to read in the middle of a general election. It really isn’t catalogue of errors by the people (men) who thought they were intelligent enough to be in charge of us. 

Have mainly been doing: getting the house tidy to have photos taken and get the house on the market. It looks so amazing I am half tempted to stay put. 

Friday Update

My Top Five Tips For Machine Knitting


  1. If you start producing loops at the edge of your knitting, check you haven’t got your weaving brushes on – and also check your yarn is feeding correctly through the tension mast.
  2. If you drop stitches at the side of your knitting, take the weights off the knitting to prevent it from getting worse. Grab your tools and get those stitches back on the needles anyway you can. To prevent dropping more stitches move your edge weights up more often and hang them a tooth or two over the edge of the material – Also check your yarn is going through the tension mast correctly.
  3. Changing your main colour yarn is a dangerous moment. This is when you are most likely to deposit your nearly finished garment, weights and all on to your feet, so always check the yarn is in the sinker plate holder correctly twice, and then maybe just once more to be sure.
  4. When doing a repetitive task always get a system in place so you are less likely to miss a step. I normally sort the yarn, then the carriage, then the needles.
  5. If you’ve been at it for a while, you’re getting tired and you start to make mistakes, that’s the point at which to go to bed. Never knit tired.


I have compiled this list from my own mistakes and from having done it wrong myself soooo many times.

My Top Five Tips For Machine Knitting